Nightbird : "The Erasure Show"


Ah, music: the soundtrack to everyone's life. The reason why, and most photos are, pre- "US".  But given who and what they are of, never mind the album title's relation to our website name, it had to be included on our website.  As far as most American's are concerned, Erasure is a "one-hit wonder" band from the 80's. UK and worldwide readers know otherwise. I would not be alive writing this today if it was not for Erasure's music, most notably, "Hideaway".  It would literally stop the contemplation of the unthinkable.  Growing up and struggling with your identity, with no one or nowhere to turn, music gave me (and still does US) strength when I had none left. Sam has been comparing the feelings of our "going public" with our immigration issue to what it is like when you "come out". In 1987 it was "Hideaway', in 2013, "Freedom" has been in heavy rotation at our house.

It was 2005 and "The Erasure Show" was in the city for several nights (I went to at least 5 shows. Big fan obviously). I never buy tour programs but decided to on the third night. When I arrived home, I flipped through quickly to just take  a look- and then I saw it- my write up for "Hideaway'. Fan's had been asked to submit entries about how a song affected their life so I submitted one for "Hideaway".  I never heard anything, figuring thousands also had, and just forgot all about it.  The following night at another show, Rick did some quick thinking and  Denise ran and bought a disposable camera.

What do you say to people who have no idea they saved your life? Nothing. There's not much one can or should say. No wonder I was speechless (besides, who wants to come across some like some crazy obsessed fan? Have I just negated that statement by writing this? :-)