Where our future will be, we do still not know.  It is coming to the point where  we can start a countdown, but we refuse to do that. What we do know, is that that we would not be still going and able to still stand without the support and help we have revived from our families, friends, legal advisors, elected officials, and even, complete strangers.

Thank You.

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Our families for help, patience and understanding.

All of our friends who have stood beside us during this time and what lies ahead of us, and for understanding that our social plans can't be made beyond yesterday.

Gary's principal Jeffrey Getman, Asst. Principal Robert Colella, all of the teachers and staff in his building who have given their time and effort to help him through new challenges that arise daily.

Gary's other places of employment for their personal support and flexibility shown to someone they have known only a short time.

A  special thank you to our Attorney Kevin Dehghani for his endless efforts and personal support.

Stratton Faxon for their assistance.

Howard Robinson, who still despite years gone by, always a reminder of what it means to be a true humanitarian.

You, the viewer, for taking the time to find out more about the "who, what, how, and why" this website exists.

And last, but certainly not least, a special thank you to those of you who chose to do nothing and could have done something to help us. By demonstrating your lack of empathy and cowardly behavior...you actually provide us with more inspiration. Thank You.

We were extremely flattered when we found out about this. Knowing how hard he works, we feel so privileged to have had the senator do this for us(especially that it was done without our asking to be!). He works very hard for not onlt his constituents in CT, but for all Americans.

The Senators Letter to Secretary of Homeland Defense
Janet Napolitano

(which unfortunately did not help)

Congressman Jim Himes
and his staff
Senator Chris Murphy
and his staff.

We sincerely thank Rep. Hines and is staff for their time and support. His constituents are very lucky to have him. We were very grateful for Congressman Himes' honesty, candor and compassion with our situation. Thank you for taking the time to stay and speak with us, despite it not planned in your schedule. We appreciate it very much!
While we have not had the chance to thank the Senator himself, we do thank him for his co-sponsorship to sign on U.A.F.A,  We sincerely thank him for his work on ensuring equality for all his constituents. We also would like to thank his staff, especially  Abigail Adams, for spending time with us demonstrating honest compassion, understanding and support of their office, now and in the future.

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Pure Love: Valentine's Day

From our 4 year old nephew this year. He had done it on his own and only came to ask his mom for help on the letters. (We have three dogs.)




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